Image Caption: Arrival of the exhibition catalogs for "Standing on the Shoulders of Queer Martyrs and Saints," published by Lichtundfire Press, 2019.

To briefly describe my practice, I am a Queer abstract reductivist painter, formulating conversations surrounding the notions of radical joy and a vision of Queerness as found in our imaginations. (Queer abstraction is activist work about the Queer experience that does not employ representation of the human figure.) Certainly, within the work is a conference between the questions of, “what is the construct of painting?” and “what is the construct of sculpture?” Visually, my work contains a distinct goal concerning the additive outcome in merging the vocabularies of both disciplines.


I am pleased to share this artist film talk, released as part of the group exhibition, "Gay Guerrilla" curated by M. Charlene Stevens, Founder of Arcade Project Curatorial. I believe many of the points raised in this video are also helpful in more easily understanding my work.

Image caption: detail of work from COME OUT 2 SHOW THEM, a solo exhibited at Lichtundfire in April 2017.
Image caption: detail of work from A.O., a solo exhibited at Art Helix Gallery in April 2015.
Image caption: detail of work from SONIC OPERA, a solo exhibited at Lichtundfire in May of 2018.