Artist's Notes on I Am Too ___ To Be the Demographic:

My notes on this body of photography self-portraits are comparitively innocuous to the other bodies of work produced in San Francisco. I had decided to collaborate with artist friends Matt O'Neill, Casey Paine and Matt Pipes in an exhibition which we titled, "Alone, Together." The premise of this exhibition was that our work had nothing in common, and that our friendship was the binding construct for the appreciation of the work. We thought of the exhibition as a four panel quilt.

As the next logical emotional progression from the Coma State pieces, I wanted this work to have a sense of detachment, and imbue attributes of feeling clinical, highly produced, and possessing an alternate sense of sexuality.

I photographed myself in the same bodily phasing as Michelangelo's David, a pose that I find to be hyper feminine… On this portrait I imposed a narrative around the sentence, "I am too ___ to be the demographic." With this visual and verbal coupling, I meant to playfully challenge issues of sex, and it's usage to promote consumerism.

Just as in the "Coma State" series, the art statement pertaining to "I Am Too ___ To Be the Demographic" is literally superimposed on the surface of the work. To see more examples of the work, please e-mail me at

I Am Too Iconoclast To Be The Demographic…, 2005. Various dimensions. Photomontage of self-portrait photography in the pose of Michelangelo's David and transparency film. (Image 1 of 17)

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