Christopher Stout, Artist Profile

Christopher Stout is a New York multidisciplinary artist, celebrated for his individual process of working
with "industrial papier-mâché," comprised of cement, pigment and shredded writings on linen on board.

Christopher lives in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan, and works from his artist studio
in the Brooklyn Fire Proof Warehouse in the dynamic artist neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Christopher Stout is the founder of Bushwick Art Crit Group, Brooklyn NYC's nonprofit art think tank.

BACG's mission is understanding Contemporary Art through the lens of the art & artists in Bushwick. BACG currently runs 3 interlinked communication platforms:
A monthly artist lecture series (crit) now in it’s third year, a filmed artist studio interviews series,
and social media platforms serving as a hub to broadcast about the art, artists, and media stories
that are germane to Bushwick. BACG will open a project space October 2015.

Christopher Stout has accomplished 93 gallery performance/exhibitions, with 9 solos and 12
completed bodies of work, including Portraits of Narcissism, Ecdysis, Sacred Impiety, Unbridled!,
Coma State (The Long Unpleasant Dream…)
, I am too ___ to be the Demographic, Vigil, A Day with (OUT) Art,
New Work (Momentum)
, Power Symbols (Black White Gold Gray + Red), Linear Anagram,
and A.O. In addition, Christopher holds collectors and work in 23 of the continental 48 states.

Christopher relocated to New York from "the long winding road" of San Francisco in spring of 2007.
Previously, Christopher was a provocative and prominent member of San Francisco's creative culture.
In addition to his painting, photography, and performance-based art, Christopher was also the
Visual Program Director at Blue Room Gallery, one of the city's largest not-for-profit contemporary art spaces.
In addition, Christopher was also a founding member and lead staff writer for San Francisco Art Magazine,
where he published editorial/review pieces documenting San Francisco's emerging "New Mission" art scene.
His op-ed on the proper artistic response to 9/11 has been republished academically.

Christopher Stout actively donates his art to support New York City not-for-profit 501(c)(3) visual arts organizations,
including Momenta Art, Arts in Bushwick, and NutureART.

Christopher's modus operandi is, "solidarity for arts, and solidarity with New York artists."



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