Image caption: a studio image of multiple works from "STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF QUEER MARTYRS AND SAINTS," 2019.

Born in Maryland in 1970; lives and works in New York City.


• Wonderment of Otherness, Lichtundfire, fall 2021
• Tenets of Search, Artfare, March 2021
• Standing on the Shoulders of Queer Martyrs and Saints, Lichtundfire, October 2019
• Sonic Opera, Lichtundfire, May 2018
• Tenants of Search, Covert Operations Gallery, January 2018
• Come Out 2 Show Them, Lichtundfire, April 2017
• A.O., Art Helix Gallery at Select Fair, NYC Frieze Art Week May 2015
• A.O., ArtHelix Gallery, May 2015
• Linear Anagram, Special Project at Fountain, Armory Week March 2014
• Power Symbols (Black White Gold + Gray), Special Project at Select Fair, Miami Basel Week December 2013


• New Work, SF LGBT Fine Art Gallery; September 2006
• Coma State (The Long Unpleasant Dream…), Build Gallery; May 2005
• Vigil, A Day with (OUT) Art, SF LGBT Fine Art Gallery; December 2004
• Unbridled!, Build Gallery; November 2004
• Unbridled!, Brickhouse Gallery; February 2004
• Portraits of Narcissism, Blue Room Gallery; September 2002
• Sacred Impiety, Build Gallery; May 2002
• Ecdysis, Hot Lunch Gallery; September 2001
• Portraits of Narcissism, Moulton Studios; February 2001


• The Elements of Pattern and the Spaces in Between, Lichtundfire, SFA Projects 2021
• Love Wins, HOMOCATS Studio, February 2021
• Quantum Sphere, Lichtundfire, November 2020
• Covert19, Lichtundfire, August 2020
• Gay Guerrilla, Arcade Project Curatorial, July 2020
• Edge of Abstraction, Lichtundfire, November 2019
• Inversions, MW Projects, November 2019
• Collective Palimpsest, Lichtundfire, September 2019
• Infinite Rhizome, Lichtundfire, May 2019

• Among Friends / Entre Amigos, The Clemente, May 2019
• Member Invitational, Equity Gallery, December 2018
• Chimera, Gibney Dance, December 2018
• Minimal Impact, Lichtundfire, October 2018
• Among Friends, Dumbo Open Studios Presentation, April 2018
• Encore, Lichtundfire, March 2018
• Love Fest (Seriously), Lichtundfire, February 2018
• Yellow Chair, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, December 2017
• Bound by Matter, Lichtundfire, November 2017
• 1947-2017 Anniversary Exhibition, Equity Gallery, September 2017

Draft__, MW Projects at Doing/Living, August 2017
• Chaos/Control, MW Projects at Doing/Living, August 2017
Tools & Currency, The Clemente, August 2017
Draft, Lichtundfire, May 2017
• Chewing Tar, Lichtundfire, October 2016
• Chewing Tar, Hampden UMASS Amherst, Hampden Gallery, March 2016
• Ripening, Visiting Artist at the LIU Post MFA Graduate exhibition, October 2015

• LiveStream Public, June 2015
• Bushwick Open Studios, June 2015
• Arlene's Grocery, LES group exhibition, May 2015
• Making History, AiB/BOS at Storefront Ten Eyck, May 2015
• Type Indicators, ArtHelix, February 2015
• New Work :: New York, Momenta Art, January 2015
• Hrönir: Un-Lost Things, Brooklyn FireProof Gallery, November 2014
• Bushwick Open Studios, May 2014
• Mutual Benefit, Brooklyn FireProof, May 2014
• Artist Solidarity, Brooklyn FireProof, September 2013
• Kings Are We, Just Panic and Get It Over With, 287 Spring Gallery, July 2013
• Bushwick Open Studios, June 2013 (Selected in Top 12 Bushwick Artists to Watch)
• Ovum, New Work at Momenta Benefit, May 2013
• Work from Power Symbols, Shifting Territories at Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery, May 2013
• White Monochromes, Strange Loop Gallery; March 2013
• New Work, Postcards From the Edge, Sikkema Jenkins; January 2013
• Work from Power Symbols, Strange Loop Gallery; December 2012
• Work from Power Symbols, Urban Zen Foundation; December 2012
• Work from Power Symbols, ClampArt; November 2012
• New Work, NUTUREart Benefit at Charles Bank Gallery, November 2012
• GO! Brooklyn, October 2012
• Bushwick Open Studios, June 2012
• New Work from Power Symbols, Hous Projects; September 2011
• Additional Matter, Lyons Wier Gallery; August 2011
• Altered States, Hous Projects; June 2011
• New Work, Performance Art at Christopher Henry Gallery; June 2011
• Bushwick Open Studios, June 2011
• New Work, Performance Art at Surreal Estate; July 2010
• Work from Power Symbols, X-initative at Dia:Chelsea; March 2010
• e32, Artist’s Lecture; February 2010
• Work from Power Symbols, ENVOY Enterprises; February 2010
• Work from Power Symbols, Daneyal Mahmood Gallery; November 2009
• Work from Power Symbols, Art Salon on Bank; September 2009
• Work from Power Symbols, Daniel Cooney Gallery; September 2009
• Work from Power Symbols, Art Salon on Bank; March 2009


• New Beginnings, Satsuma Gallery; July 2006
• New Work, AOF Gallery; March 2006
• Ecdysis, Blue Shield of California Foundation Gallery; September 2005
• Alone Together, Premier of new body of work, I am not the demographic, Gallery on Brannan; June 2005
• Foundation, Gallery on Brannan; May 2005
• Ecdysis, Blue Shield of California Collection Gallery; February 2004
• Precious Things, Group Exhibition: Brickhouse Gallery; December 2004
• Cardinal 8, Premier of new series, Coma State, the Long Unpleasant Dream, Gallery on Brannan; June 2004
• Unbridled!, AOF Gallery; CA, March 2004
• Portraits of Narcissism, Blue Room Gallery; March 2003
• Portraits of Narcissism, Blue Room Gallery; January 2003
• Sacred Impiety, Blue Room Gallery; November 2002
• Portraits of Narcissism, Blue Room Gallery; October 2002
• Vanity, Blue Room Gallery; September 2002
• Ecdysis, Sutter Health Corporate Gallery; June 2002
• Studies for Sacred Impiety, AOF Gallery; March 2002
• Offline, SFAM Group Art Exhibition: Build; December 2001
• Untitled, Cataclysmic Studios; October 2001
• Ecdysis, Hot Lunch Gallery; San Francisco, CA, October 2001
• Untitled, Sunset Studio Gallery San Francisco, CA, October 2001
• Art, Wine, & Attractive People; Lair of the Minotaur; August 2001
• One-Minute Art Show, Group Art Exhibition: Your Local Gallery; August 2001
• Ecdysis, Sutter Health Corporate Gallery, June 2001
• Portraits of Narcissism, AOF Gallery; March 2001
• Liquid Thinking (Interactive Design Agency) Corporate Gallery, fall 2000
• Liquid Thinking (Interactive Design Agency) Corporate Gallery, spring 2000

New York, NY visual, gallery exhibition, art fair, curatorial, and lecture projects have been discussed in the following art, lifestyle, and cultural publications:

All-Arts, Art Fuse Magazine, Art in America, Art21 blog, Artcritical, ArtFCity, Artfile Magazine, Artforum, Artnet, Artsheep, Artspace, Artsy, Bedford + Bowery, Blouin Art Info, Brooklyn Art Blog, Brooklyn Magazine, Bushwick Daily, Bushwick Daily, Cheap and Plastique, The Conversation Project, Curatious, Dazed, Details Magazine, DNAinfo, Entertainment Weekly, Flavorpill, Getty Images, Gothamist, Hamptons Art Hub, Hyperallergic, James Kalm Report, Luna x Luna Magazine, Mashable, Milk, New York Magazine, The New York Times, NY Observer, NY1, NYC-Arts (PBS), Out Magazine, Painting Is Dead, Paper Magazine, Performance Is Alive, Politico, Posture Magazine, Social + Diarist, State of the Arts NYC, The Conversation Project, Time Out New York, W Magazine, WagMag, White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art, and Widewalls.

Recent Notable Awards and Designations:

  1. "Curator to Watch” for his Armory week presentation during SPRING/BREAK Art Show with artist Rick Herron (Artsy, March 2017)
  2. Ranked #32 in “The 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture” by Brooklyn Magazine (art critic Paul D'Agostino, Brooklyn Magazine, March 2016)
  3. Ranked #01 in “Who is Who” in Bushwick Daily for his work as founder of the 3-year artist lecture and exhibition project Bushwick Art Crit Group (Katie Killary, Bushwick Daily, September 2014)
  4. One of “12 Artists to Watch” for his presentation during Bushwick Open Studios at Brooklyn Fire Proof (Holly Shen, now Director/Dept. Head, Visual Arts at Brooklyn Academy of Music, May 2013)

San Francisco, California Bibliography includes articles in San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Art Magazine, Oakland Tribune, the Studio City Sun,, SF Weekly, and 7x7 Magazine.