Image Caption: A spring 2021 image of my artist studio in Greenwood, Brooklyn; showing a selection of Queer absract paintings freshly installed for an upcoming curator visit. The works in this image were made during a time span of 2015-2021, with most being completed in my prior studio in Bushwick.

The womb. The abstract factory. The greenhouse for accelerated thought. The unpadded cell. The protected garden. The conservatory and the library.

My studio on 18th Street in Greenwood, Brooklyn (next door to Trestle Art Space) is a place of vertiginous creation, where energy is painstakingly molded into the ideas becoming the actions leading to art.

Question? Drop me an e-mail or better yet, come and see. Studio visits are always welcome. I can be easily reached to schedule an appointment via text/mobile at (646) 872-9990 or via e-mail at

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My arterial source for New York City-based art representation is Lichtundfire Gallery directed by Priska Juschka.

Lichtundfire was established in 2015, with a visual program emphasizing on nonrepresentational, conceptual, and abstract art; especially minimal, color field, geometrical, straight edge, abstract expressionist painting, lyrical abstraction, and process work. Lichtundfire's gallery director Priska Juschka is originally from Germany, and is known for being part of—and instrumental in—the first NADA (New Art Dealer's Alliance) generation from its inception in the early 2000's. 

By its exhibitions, Lichtundfire's program is dedicated to developing and nurturing an active, engaged, progressive, and emancipated art community that addresses cultural and social realities as expressed through visual arts.

175 Rivington Street NY NY 10002
Telephone: 917-675-7835
E-mail: Priska Juschka,