“Standing on the Shoulders of Queer Martyrs and Saints”

Exhibition Dates: October 2 — November 3, 2019

Gallery Events:

Opening Reception
Wednesday, October 2 from 6 PM — 8 PM

Fall Cocktails at Lichtundfire/LES Gallery Art Night
Wednesday, October 16; 6 PM — 9 PM

Artist Talk + Catalog Release
Saturday, October 26; 4 PM — 6 PM

Press Release:

Lichtundfire is proud to present “Standing on the Shoulders of Queer Martyrs and Saints,” an exhibition of mixed media paintings by New York based artist Christopher Stout concerning Queer abstraction, and his third solo show at the gallery.

Best known for his abstract minimalism, Stout’s fascination and research into the artists making Queer work in New York during the late 1970’s germinates a new series of paintings that contain an additional dimension of self-actualization.

In the artist’s own words…

“Since the outset of my discovery as an artist, I’ve always felt a fundamentally queer component within my work. At core, it would be impossible to bring the best of my intellect and creativity into my painting without my queerness being also present. They are inextricably linked.

A seeming contradiction to the above sentiment is that my work isn’t experienced as what we’ve come to understand in the art world as 'Queer', and I suppose I’ve always felt a sense of dissonance between the creation process that recurs in my studio, and how my work resonates within the structure of Contemporary art.

In recent years, I’ve become familiar with Queer abstraction, a largely under-represented genre of LGBT art that formed in the 1960’s. More specifically, I’ve discovered a sense of wonderment about the Queer abstraction being made in New York City during the late 1970’s; that brief, albeit utopian era existing both 10 years post-Stonewall and prior to the blight of the AIDS plague.

Much of the work (both visual and performance) during this timeframe imbues the Queer Renaissance energies of hope and liberation, as well as the splendor found in otherness. Through research, I’ve also been reminded that during this time, all genres of artistic expression served as a creative vocabulary for Queer people, by reason that art was an inherent part of Queer culture.

With these ideas in mind, I set about to imagine a group of Queer-labeled paintings that underscore and embody these values. In many ways, I experience these paintings as self-portraits, and  I share them with you with the intention that they will expand the understanding of the inherent possibilities within Queer art, and also provide my Queer artist peers with a broadened understanding of what it could mean for their work to be defined as Queer.”


Christopher Stout
was born and raised in Maryland, and is a New York City-based abstract reductive artist who addresses and places his work between the questions of, “what is the construct of painting?” and “what is the construct of sculpture?” He is namely concerned with the additive outcome in merging the vocabularies of both disciplines. Stout has shown extensively with Lichtundfire, including multiple group exhibition projects and the solo exhibitions "COME OUT 2 SHOW THEM" in April 2017 and "SONIC OPERA" in May of 2018.



Lichtundfire was established in 2015, with a visual program emphasizing on nonrepresentational, conceptual, and abstract art; especially minimal, color field, geometrical, straight edge, abstract expressionist painting, lyrical abstraction, and process work. Lichtundfire's gallery director Priska Juschka is originally from Germany, and is known for being part of—and instrumental in—the first NADA (NEW ART DEALER’S ALLIANCE) generation from its inception in the early 2000's. 

By its exhibitions, Lichtundfire's program is dedicated to developing and nurturing an active, engaged, progressive, and emancipated art community that addresses cultural and social realities as expressed through visual arts.

Christopher Stout's Solo Exhibition is on view at Lichtundfire Wed through Sat, noon-6 pm, & Sun.1-6 pm.

For more information and images of Standing on the Shoulders of Queer Martyrs and Saints, please contact Priska Juschka at, or via telephone 917-675-7835, or visit

General Gallery Info:
Address & Directions: Lichtundfire, 175 Rivington Street (between Clinton & Attorney), New York, New York 10002,

Subway Stop: F/M and/or Essex J/Z
Gallery Hours: Wednesday—Saturday noon to 6 pm, and Sunday 1 to 6 pm.
Website:; Tel: (917) 675-7835; Email:
Instagram: @lichtundfire and hashtag: #lichtundfire

CLICK the image above to view the documentary film of the dance/movement piece CHIMERA, performed at Gibney Dance in December 2018.

Choreographer/Director: Burr Johnson
Dancers/Performers: Brittany Bailey, Dominica Greene, Catherine Kirk, Owen Prum, and Christopher Stout

Costume Design: Burr Johnson and Costume Construction: Quinn Czejkowki
Soundscore: Burr Johnson and Lighting Design Asami Morita
Documentary Film Editing: Jack Blackmon


 emerges as a study on the textures of movement, the interplay between expressionism and formalism, and the subversion of expectations. The dancers seek new worlds by interrogating and reimagining various entrenched dichotomies—natural/artificial, female/male, human/animal, static/moving, and passive/active by way of intense physical rigor, pedestrian task-based actions, and dynamic partnering. As a painter uses chiaroscuro to transform two-dimensional surfaces, the juxtaposition of events and situations creates drama in this work.

From the program performer biography section: Christopher Stout is a West Village based abstract minimal painter who has worked with Burr Johnson previously in contemporary movement pieces at Lichtundfire and Doing/Living. Christopher's third solo of paintings at Lichtundfire concerns queer abstraction and will be shown in October of 2019.”

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