Image caption: A studio image with details of the sculptures, "Pagoda of Queer Splendor, Work One" and "Pagoda of Queer Splendor, Work Two," 2019.
Image: Detail from the work, The Wonderment of Otherness (Work #9) by artist Christopher Stout


GAY GUERRILLA, a summer group exhibition concerning Queer abstraction, June 25—August 02, 2020

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Artists: Damien Davis, Julie Torres, Poppy DeltaDawn, Will Hutnick, T.J. Dedeaux-Norris, and Christopher Stout


Arcade Project Curatorial is pleased to introduce “Gay Guerrilla,” a survey exhibition containing new works in Queer abstraction.

Queer art has enjoyed an explosion of discovery as the Contemporary art world has rejoined recent Queer abstraction with the activist and gender-themed work born in the early 1970’s.

The visual essay of “Gay Guerrilla” builds on this premise, and also investigates the myriad of new divergent conversations which have stemmed from lesbian, transgender, queer, and queer artists of color embracing the fluid portal of abstraction.

To bring to life this construct, Arcade Project Curatorial is presenting a rolling digital “artist film library,” with short video talks by the artists answering the following questions:

  1. Share about your art practice, and how Queer abstraction is expressed in and by your work.
  2. Share the story of one of the pieces you are exhibiting and any other helpful info about the work.
  3. What additional social or art conversations are being expressed through the work?

It is important to note that the title of our exhibition stems from the 1979 score by Julius Eastman, the hallowed Black, gay minimalist composer who brazenly confronted both racial and sexual orientation issues within his work.

For more information, please contact exhibition curator M. Charlene Stevens at
or via telephone (626) 340-7350.


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I am pleased to share this artist film talk, released as part of the group exhibition, "Gay Guerrilla" curated by M. Charlene Stevens, Founder of Arcade Project Curatorial. I believe many of the points raised in this video are also helpful in more easily understanding about my work.